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“Fifty-Five Days of Faith” coming in September 2018!

June 22, 2018

Could I join a church in which only half of my children could fully participate? Dick and Marsha Lavin made that tough decision on April 14, 1978. After years of searching, the Mormon Church felt right to their whole family, including their two biological children (white) and their two adopted children (black). But at that time, the church did not allow blacks to be ordained to the priesthood or participate in temple ordinances. The Lavins decided to exercise faith, join the church, and pray for a revelation to change the policy. Dick offered a particularly fervent prayer the morning of June 8, 1978 – and the revelation was announced later that day.


“Fifty Five Days of Faith: Dick and Marsha Lavin’s Remarkable Life” is coming in September 2018! Watch for on Amazon and


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