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“So what do you write?”

October 10, 2020









It never fails. Starter conversations go like this:

“So what do you do?”

“I’m a writer.”

“What do you write?”

I finally have a good standing-on-one-foot answer that encapsulates all four of my books. “I write about the intersection between the church and the real world.” That’s what my books have in common.

  • Gay Latter-day Saint Crossroads: My Journey, Your Journey, and a Scripture-based Path Forward. How can we connect God’s imperative to love everyone with church teachings about our LGBTQ siblings? Crossroads is by a former bishop and stake presidency counselor whose son is gay. With the mind of a lawyer, he examines scriptures and church teachings to look for a more hopeful path forward. Free navigable e-book or pdf at
  • Fifty-Five Days of Faith: The Remarkable Life of Dick and Marsha Lavin. Would I join a church in which only half of my children could fully participate because of their African lineage? Dick and Marsha Lavin made that tough decision on April 14, 1978. After searching for years, their family, including their two biological children and their two adopted black children, felt right about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But at that time, the Church did not allow blacks to hold the priesthood. Fifty-five days after they joined the church, the revelation on priesthood was announced: all worthy male Church members age twelve and older were now eligible for priesthood ordination. Read more here.
  • Girls’ Camp: Ideas for Today’s Leaders. Divine nature is strengthened by being in nature. But how do you translate Mormonspeak for nonmember friends at girls’ camp? How do you hold to modesty standards while making every girl feel accepted? What about campers with special needs or diet restrictions? How do you break up cliques at camp? Read more here.
  • Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids. In these pages are memorable stories of the exuberant joy as well as the real-world challenges of working with children. For example, how do you deal with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day at church when not every child has one of each at home? And how do you teach children “honor thy father and mother” (the 4th commandment of the Tenth Commandments) when you know some children are being abused at home? Plus ready-to-use ideas for channeling boundless energy, staffing challenges, bullying, children’s music for a lifetime, kids with special needs, building a celestial nursery, pint-sized service projects, and behavior management. Read more here.

The real world. The church world. My writing seeks to be the connector. Join me on the journey.



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