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What they’re saying about “Fifty-Five Days of Faith”

Parenting, like love, has no color or racial boundaries. I thank God for the Lavin family as I thank God for my ancestors who served as mothers and caretakers of so many, even though they themselves were enslaved. All are alike unto God. —Cathy Stokes, nurse, retired public health administrator, former Relief Society president, and chorister on a mission to have us sing with power

“You have to decide based on faith.” These words from a stake president at a turning point in the author’s life could well be the theme of this lovely memoir. This is the story of a family challenged by disease and death, but never conquered. It is a story of faith and the willingness to believe in a future in which “borders would be enlarged forever” (paraphrasing Moroni 10:31). Celebrate the power of a family with varying shades of skin color—indeed, God’s family. —Margaret Blair Young, co-author (with Darius Gray) of the award-winning Standing on the Promises, co-director of Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons, co-author and co-producer of Heart of Africa, the first Congolese-American produced feature film

Perhaps the most poignant message in the captivating book Fifty-Five Days of Faith is the importance of finding out who we are and pursuing our life’s mission. From childhood traumas to the recent death of her beloved husband, Marsha is able to find solace in her strong belief in God. I particularly enjoyed the divine detours and appreciated the candidness and emotions conveyed throughout. —Romane Armand, poet, lecturer, songwriter, BYU alumnus, holder of the Guinness World Record for the longest freestyle rap (24 hours straight, with no more than a 3-second break), and author of Book of Rhymes: A Laxative for Creative Constipation

It consistently amazes me how strong “common people” are! You’ll read about truly extraordinary experiences and challenges faced by this regular family. The most heartwarming aspect is their overriding faith. They know God lives, and they have disciplined themselves to trust him, regardless of what comes at them. —Paul Furse, author, speaker, and trainer; founder of Mind Management Systems; Head Coach of Ascend Marketing


from Jacqueline Nagy

An eye-opening story of frustration, fears, friendships, and faith! Emotionally stirring. As you turn the pages, you will laugh and cry. —Jacqueline Nagy, avid reader, writer, passionate world traveler, dedicated mom and wife, crusader for the elderly, and exiled American living in Panama, Central America




from Marilyn Nelson

Fifty-Five Days of Faith is an inspiring memoir depicting Marsha Jane’s journey through triumphs and trials. This is a thoughtful portrayal of a woman who experienced loss but still had a life of love and provided trust and stability for her nine children. Directly and honestly, Marsha writes her story about her family having the faith to join the LDS Church, and after fifty-five days, being blessed because of their faith. —Marilyn Nelson, adoptive mother, English teacher, avid reader, and Sunset Beach Turtle Patrol volunteer