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About Marci

Photo by Mike Lovett

Photo by Mike Lovett

Marci McPhee was born in Germany, went to first grade in Panama, and then grew up in Texas, where she joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at age 16. After graduating from Brigham Young University and spending twelve years as a fulltime mom, she began her career in higher education. She is matriarch in a stepfamily that began in the temple and ended up living in a duplex, with him and his kids on one side and her and her kids on the other. (Read her story in “Just Your Typical Mormon Family” in Apple Pies and Promises: Motherhood in the Real World.)

In 2009-10, Marci took a year-long leave of absence from her job at Brandeis University in the Boston area to volunteer as an English teacher in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. Marci has served as stake and ward Primary president, stake Relief Society board member, ward Relief Society president, early-morning seminary teacher and institute teacher. Her stories have frequently appeared in collections such as Raspberries and Relevance: Enrichment in the Real World. She’s a founding writer of, contributor to, editor of “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids” (Walnut Springs Press, 2015), co-editor of “Girls’ Camp: Ideas for Today’s Leaders” (Walnut Springs Press, 2016), and editor of “Fifty Five Days of Faith: Dick and Marsha Lavin’s Remarkable Life” (Mulberry Books, October 2018). After 43 years in the Boston area, Marci now lives in San Antonio, Texas.



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